Hi there! I'm Jay Hernandez, thank you for stopping by. I promise you will love what I have to offer you. I cover weddings all over New England, as well as destination weddings.

I focus on shooting the extraordinary moments and pride myself on one of a kind ability to pick and edit the absolute best of them in a cinematic beautiful way. Your wedding day is the most special day of your life,  so much time and consideration is put into it so I want to make sure I capture every detail you desire.

My style is inspired by storytelling mixed with romance & drama. I make films that are unique and timeless. It is very important that my clients are passionate about their wedding video. I want to bring value to other people and create something they simply couldn't put a price on!

My style has rewarded many amazing couples and I now limit  the amount of weddings I take on so that I can provide a very exclusive service to those who love what I do.